Health – Is telemedicine a blessing or a curse to the worldwide?


Nowadays, digital technologies advance at a high speed. There are new digital productions every day. Also digital devices are omnipresent in our life, for example television, our cell phone, applications and even medical uses. Telemedicine, maybe lots of people have not heard of this word before. According to Wikipedia, telemedicine is the use of telecommunication and information technologies in order to provide clinical health care at a distance. It allows convenient and rapid communication between patient who are using telemedicine and medical staff. Most of the people think that telemedicine give a great hand on saving people in need. Although many people think this is a blessing toward clinical care, some does not. The opposite voices question the effect of telemedicine. Let us investigate what the both side think of.

Telemedicine is a blessing?

One of the advantages of telemedicine is medical services can be delivered to remote area rapidly in emergency situations. It can save lives of people in need when there is no medical professional is immediately present. In the sake of telemedicine, medical staff can follow-up on a prescription or diagnosis with a physician that stay in a far distant. They use Web Chat such as Skype and phone to communicate. It is easy to register and make appointment for telemedicine in the Internet. Kathy Dunmire, vice president of product management for BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota, said “The goal of telehealth is to create an experience that closely mirrors a traditional doctor visit. “  Through telemedicine, patient or other citizen can visit medical staff without arrive the clinic personally. It is more convenient when they live in rural area which is far away from city center. It is also a blessing for patients who are disabled to leave their home. We can see that telemedicine is a blessing to people in need.


What is more, telemedicine can eliminate the spreading of infectious diseases between the patients and the medical staff in the clinic. Not all the patients are self-disciplined. They may not wear a face mask when they are waiting. If the patients get a highly infectious disease, it is easily turn into epidemic. Here is an example that telemedicine curbs the spreading of flu. In United States, many doctors turn to telemedicine to diagnose their patients and keep contagious patients out of crowded hospitals in the flu season. And the CEO of the American Telemedicine Association, Jonathan Linkous had estimated there are 12 million Americans are using different telemedicine and the number is likely to increase in the coming year. We can see that telemedicine is being popular among worldwide and many medical staff like to use telemedicine to prevent spread of disease.

Telemedicine is a curse?

In the above we learn more about the benefits of telemedicine, now we move on to discuss the drawbacks of telemedicine. Some opponents claim that telemedicine decreases interaction between medical staff and patients. In the traditional form, doctors and patient have face-to-face consultation. Doctors can diagnose the diseases according to the visible symptoms of the patients, which telemedicine cannot do. During telemedicine consultation, medical staff cannot realize the symptoms through a little movement of the patients. As a result doctors may have a wrong diagnosis for the patients.


Besides telemedicine relies on electricity, once there are electronic glitches, all the telemedicine applications will not work. It would greatly affect the consultation of patients in emergency needs. Also it would cause over reliance on technologies. If we only rely on technologies, human would lack the ability to take care of themselves.


In my opinion telemedicine is blessing to human. It reduces many problems such as disable people have difficulties to leave their house or spreading of infectious diseases. Telemedicine would change our lifestyle in the future.


Digital technologies bring us lots of convenient. In the future the development of digital technologies will be more mature. As we born in the new generation, we need to learn how to make good use of technologies. We can use telemedicine to help people but we cannot over rely on it.




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