Family – Should parents use digital devices to educate their children?

Picture of happy mother and child with laptop computer
Picture of happy mother and child with laptop computer


Digital parenting is common in this century. Many young parents use various digital devices to educate their new born children. According to a piece of news article in 06 Aug 2014, the estimated number of internet users in Hong Kong is 5.751 million, with an overall internet penetration rate of 73%. It is not difficult to see that people in Hong Kong always use the Internet through their digital devices. Usually, the main users of digital devices are teenagers. They would like to follow the trend and show off their brand new devices in front of their friends. Adults would use digital devices when they are at work. Digital devices are a part of our daily life. They immerge in our life as the community is advanced every day. People use Internet to search for the knowledge they want. The new parents do this also. People in new generation rely on the Internet, they search everything through the Internet. They also use a lot of digital devices on parenting their children. Let us discuss the pros and cons of digital parenting.



If parents can make good use of digital devices, technologies could bring them convenience. Parents use their own knowledge to educate their newborn children, but sometime parents’ knowledge is not enough to teach their children. During children’s growth, they are eager to absorb more unknown knowledge from their children. From the Internet there are ubiquitous answers for every single question. Parents could give their children a digital device such as tablet or cell phone; let their children discover different knowledge in the wide Internet. Common digital devices are easy to bring with. Parents could bring their own devices to everywhere they go, that means children are easier to get new knowledge. Curious children want to investigate everything. The Information Age helps the children a lot. They can discover the amazing world – the World’s highest mountain, the World’s longest river, the World’s biggest rain forest and even the planet from the outer space, all these information can be searched by the children in the Internet without leaving their home. That’s why digital parenting improves our life.


Digital devices teach children in many aspects. There are many applications such as e-Book and e-Dictionary to enhance children’s learning. Also there is a brand new technology unveiled. CROCOPen, which invented by K’s Kids, a company that provides developmental benefits to kids in their early childhood. CROCOPen is a digital pen that can make correct pronunciation when children use it to point at the English vocabulary. It helps children learn the correct pronunciation and build up children’s interests in language.



Some opponents claim that children may not be self-disciplined. They are easily addicted to the interesting digital devices. If teenagers addicted to digital devices, they may ignore their academy or other things. Video games are interesting and attractive. They provide a virtual world for teenager to develop self-confident and sense of identity among their friends. Teenagers may put too much time on playing video games. According to a University of Pittsburg report, the industry generated as much as $10.3 billion dollars in 2002. Addicted to digital devices would cause obesity or eye diseases because they only focus on video games and ignore other things.


Parents would decide to give their child a smartphone when they grow up. Before giving them a smartphone, parents should measure children’s ability of controlling themselves. Children may also face negative effects such as cyber bullying. Parents should educate and remind their child the danger of digital world.



Digital parenting is becoming a trend in the 21th century. Teenager using digital devices cannot be avoided. The most important thing is that teenager should be self-disciplined and alert of the danger hidden behind the Internet. Remember to be a safe digital device user.





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